The Clan are a covers band from Wigan.  Called The Clan as they are all members of the same family .  The Clan are available for Good times at All Times!!!

Stuart "Snake Fingers" McDonald Bass and Vocals

Stuart has always been into music- I say music his biggest influence is 10CC and that is hardly music.  An accomplished bassist who says he knows where every note is on his guitar- I should hope he does!! 

Stuart is also an accomplished corporate speaker who can nearly keep his head still whilst talking and has developed an excellent "posh voice" for dealing with persons who he considers to be important.

Stuart is the front man of the band as does an excellent job of announcing the tracks with his posh voice!

Stuarts pounding bass really cuts through and holds the band together and his vocals and harmonys are the extra "bit of something special" that The Clan offers audiences.

 Michael "is this in tune " McDonald- Guitar, Tambourine and Vocals

The most eager member of the band and the member who introduced "Atomic Shandies" to the drinking session after gigs- I would tell you what they are like but I can never remember drinking one!

Michael is a plumber by trade and is known in plumbing Circles as the "Lord Lucan of Plumbing" because no-one ever knows where he is or when he will turn up.

Michael adds a touch of youth to the band and brings in the modern tunes and acts to the band.  Michael has an Excellent singing voice and also adds harmonies to the band!!

Michael is the one after a gig with all the audience around him.  Not telling him how well he sang- or played the guitar but wondering when he is going to sort out their bathroom radiator!!

Andy "can you hear this guitar" McDonald- Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar and Vocals

The quietest member of The Clan who brings an air of professionalism to the proceedings. 

Andy is the equipment king and has everything in his box of tricks needed for a successful gig- from Elvis specks to cowboy hats- Andy's role is important.

A shy guy who very rarely steps to the front of the stage but will do with some encouragement. 

Andy has lots of performance experience- He sang every week on the back seat of the rugby coach such classics as "The Yogi Bear song" and "There's a woman in Black"- These songs have yet to be added to The Clan repotoire!!!


Paul "Never even Heard that Song" McDonald- Drums and General Moaning

Former resident Drummer at Marsh Vegas party House- and the Chef who created the famous Angel Delight Surprise Cake. 

 The Youngest member of the Clan and biggest eater- has been known to clear 93 bacon butties in one sitting.

 Does believe he is the Heart Throb of the Clan and the leading fashion disaster- his solid drumming however is what keeps The Clan going and also slightly deaf


Conal "Toy Keyboard" Duffy- Keyboards Lead and Backing Vocals.

The newest member of THE CLAN - and technically the biggest music geek as he knows the names of all the notes and chordy thingys and can read em when they all just look like squiggly dots and lines on a gate- WEIRDO!!

Conals first true love is however shoes- he particularly likes to go to shoe discussion events and find out peoples opinions on shoes and the shoes they like to wear.

Conal is well known on the pub and club circuit as he is banned from most for appauling dancing and antique chat up lines.



 Steven "Chords" Eady- Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals

The "Elder Statesman" of the band!  Steven has always been in the entertainment business and has nearly 80 years experience on the stage in various bands and as a solo artist.

Steven also makes up "extra cash" during the day as a Sven Goran Eriksonn double/ impersonator and recently opened Aldi in Platt Bridge as the famous football coach- he would also like to note that he "sorted half the female  staff as well!!!!"

The Lead Guitarist and power vocal harmoniser- Steven could put a Harmony to a tractors engine and make it sound like angels farting.

Steven Recently introduced keyboards to the band and is The Clans very own Billy Preston!!